« Where de we come from »

Hello dear readers!

Ask & Embla grows up ! We have decided to write also in English because we know that our readers are not only French-speaking and we hope you will enjoy our articles !

Below you will find our first article posted a year ago. You can also find it in « About us » (in French). It means the begining of our blog and we wanted to share it with you.

Ps : Be kind, neither of the two writers are English so it may have some mistakes but we would like to read feed backs about it anyway !

A-L & S-C

Une jolie collaboration avec l’illustratrice http://violainesi.wordpress.com/

Une jolie collaboration avec l’illustratrice http://violainesi.wordpress.com/

« Where do we come from?  » is part of the existential questions that arises to all human being at least once in his life – or almost all at least. Some of them will answer « Adam and Eve », because according to the famous texts narrating the creation of the world, Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God.

Yes, but no, because in Norse mythology, Ask and Embla are the first ancestors of humankind. Ask which means « ash » would be the first man and Embla, which means « alder » would be the first woman, both created by the god Odin and his brothers Vili and Vé. Carved from wood, Odin gave them their vital breath, Vili gave them a spirit and a heart for feelings and Ve gave them their wits and painted them with the colors of life.

All this, you will have understood, is to give a meaning to the title of our dear and loving blog.

Let’s talk dear, about values, about what is precious to us and everything else. Let’s talk about our agitated world trying to decline it with clarity and optimism.

Since the pleasure can be shared and many of you have something to say, we want to offer you a place to express yourself. Your voice, your inspirations, your aspirations and every facet of your news that you want to share are welcome. Principles of participatory blog! In addition, it’s good, it’s very simple! A small mail at infos.asketembla@ gmail.com.

Thank you Brynja Huld for your help with the translation !


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